Little Jamison Canyon to Crass, Rock, Jamison and Wades Lakes
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A very quick hike of only 7.5 miles in the Plumas-Eureka State Park, this two day trip is a great destination to relax by a mountain lake and dream the day away.

The Drive
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From the SF Bay Area, we headed East on Highway 80 through Sacramento and then North on 89 at Truckee.

Within the town of Greaegle there is a road headed West to the Plumas National Forest. About 5 miles down the road is dirt road on the left noted as Jamison Mine, take it.

At the end of this dirt road is a parking lot where we left the rig.

Jamison Mine
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In the far corner of the parking lot is a gate with trail markers just beyond it. Following this trail a few feet will lead you right into the historic Jamison Mine Buildings.

Some of the windows to the buildings are open so have a look at some mid century heavy machinery. Very cool.

Jamison Falls
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After a brisk 1.7 mile hike you will find a marker to view Jamison Falls. In late summer / early fall it really is not that impressive but it has the opportunity to be great during the wet spring time.

Later a cut log makes for a fantastic bridge over a running river. 

Jamison Creek Trail
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Pushing past the falls, we encountered some nice incline overlooking the forest below. An unknown lake disappears just as fast as it appears into the wooded surrounding area.

At the top of the incline is a great place to stop and look at what you just climbed.