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May 25th 2012

Dajo Ascent Knife


  • Price: $18
  • 2 In stainless steel, one hand opening blade
  • 2 oz

I was in the need for a new daily pocket knife as the previous knife was spring loaded and did not have a safety. In short, it wasn't safe.

Testing the knife for over 4 months now both on a daily basis and backpakcing scenario I can say without a doubt this is one of my absolute favorites. Lightweight, small [2.5 inches when closed] and one of the most slimmed down and pocket ready knives around. A durable wire clip is springy yet firm and will last the long haul.

Opening the knife with one hand is a bit tricky with the welded thumb catch, but can be done. Opening the knife does not look or feel cool at all. The ergonomics is a bit awkward. BUT, once the blade is open it is all business. A stout 2 inch blade is sharper than a penguin in a three piece suit and will handle any any and all you put in front of it. 

As a bonus there is a small removeable tweezer included in the frame. I actually have used it and works great. Works easy enough for the average person but I could see it as a disadvantage for extra large sausage fingers.

If I were to conclude this rant with one thing it would be how it fits in a pocket so well. The knife is relatively flat and never feels bulky in the pocket. A major plus for an everyday wear.

Pros: Lightweight, Slim, Compact, Sharp

Cons: Not so easy to open with one hand

Dajo Ascent Knife

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